Many industries are changing the way they do things to help the environment. Globally, transportation accounts for between 15 and 20% of emissions each year. In New Zealand, big freight trucks account for nearly 25% of New Zealand’s road transport emissions. Greener, efficient and smarter trucks can help reduce the transport industry’s carbon footprint.

Here, we look at ways the transport industry is using technology to make a difference.


Most trucks run on diesel. Many companies are changing the types of fuel they use that are better for the planet, such as electricity, biofuels and green hydrogen.

Better efficiency

Efficient practices such as using vehicle space more efficiently or reducing freight demand can reduce freight emissions. Many different types of technology are used within trucks and at depots to help manage logistics, the workloads of truck drivers, and track freight.

Electric trucks

Many transport companies are introducing electric trucks to their fleet. Many governments around the world are providing financial incentives to encourage businesses to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Better driving

Skilled driving not only has a direct impact on safety, it can also result in better fuel consumption and a lighter carbon footprint. Many trucking companies have introduced software onto their trucks to help their drivers with speed, maneuverability and to see where they can make improvements.