Jackson got up early to spend a day with his dad in his Kenworth T909, transporting some cattle through some small towns in New South Wales, Australia. Did they meet their tight delivery deadline? Read on to find out!

Our day started early for me – much earlier than it would if I had to get up for school. We woke at 6am and had brekky, and made sure we had our supplies for the day ahead.

We left Dubbo in the truck at 7am and headed to Gilgandra to load. My dad has a Kenworth T909 producing 620hp from a Cummins ISX, EGR motor. I love Dad’s truck. Today we were towing B-double rhino cow crates.

At the farm, we loaded 78 head onto our truck and another truck that was coming along with us today. It was a bit slow loading cattle – they are huge and very heavy. We had a deadline to meet of 3pm at the feedlot today, so we had to ’get cracking’ as Dad would say!

Our trip down to the feedlot took us through some small towns like Narromine, Condobolin and onto West Wylong and eventually ending up at Springdale. As our schedule was tight, we couldn’t stop at Dad’s favourite takeaway shop, so we ate a meal mum had made for us from dad’s freezer – it was a yummy curry casserole.

We just made our deadline in time. We unloaded both trucks of cattle safely at their destination and made our journey back home to get ready for the next day’s work.