Our mate Thomas loves heading out on his dad’s truck, and when they get home, it’s his job to wash all the wheels.

Hi! I’m Thomas, I’m 7 years old and I live in Maffra, which is in the state of Victoria in Australia.

I love trucks, and Kenworth is my favourite type of truck.

I have always been around trucks, and my dad drives a Kenworth T409. When I go out trucking with Dad, I get to see heaps of trucks – Kenworths, Western Stars, Peterbilt. And when Dad brings his truck home, I always help him wash it – my job is to do the wheels. There are 10 wheels on Dad’s truck, and on his B-double trailer setup, there are 24 wheels on the trailer.

All my life, all dad’s friends have been truck drivers, and they have always let me sit inside them, which is really cool. When we’re out trucking, Dad and I always wave at our fellow truckers.

I also have a lot of toy trucks, so I can pretend that I am in a real truck. When I grow up, I want to be a truck driver with two trailers carting cattle around Australia. I like trucks because inside the trucks look so cool and big.