A day in the life... Riding Shotgun with Gundy

We spent a day with Will Gunderson from Gundy Transport in Palmerston North and his 2021 Kenworth K200 Fatcab!

It’s 11.30pm when I arrive at Foodstuffs, Palmerston North ready to ride shotgun with Will Gunderson, owner of Gundy Transport. Tonight, we are in his very cool 2021 Kenworth K200 Fatcab! With 600 horsepower, run by a X15 engine and an 18-speed Road Ranger gearbox, this tractor unit and 14.1 metre semi-trailer is well equipped to get the job done.

I am a tad early so I join some other staff on their break where I meet Jordon. He works in the office doing the night shift and invites me in to wait for Will. I am told the truck is already loaded and ready to roll. Will arrives and grabs his paperwork. This includes all tonight’s deliveries – places we are going and what is going to each destination. Before we can head out onto the road, a vehicle inspection is done and log book started — now we are ready to roll!

2021 Kenworth K200 FatCab

First stop

It is 12.30am when we leave Foodstuffs, heading south to Wellington loaded with chilled goods. We arrive at Foodstuffs, Grenada North at 2.40am, back into the loading dock where we are greeted by a forklift driver who unloads five pallets containing what they call small goods. These include things like processed meats, chicken and pre-packaged salads that are then distributed further on to different shops.

Next stop is New World, Thorndon and we arrive there around 3.30am. Here we drop off six pallets and get six empty pallets to return to Foodstuffs, loaded and unloaded by the forklift driver who also checks the items we have delivered are correct. Each pallet is assigned a number and the items are listed and scanned into the system. Before leaving, Will grabs a trolley and moves the pallets for our next delivery to the rear of the trailer.

We arrive at our next destination early at 4am. We are now at New World, Courtney Place in Wellington City. Here Will catches up on paperwork while we wait for the shed to open. Seven pallets are unloaded and then we are off again! Exiting this supermarket can be quite difficult during busier times of the day with heavy traffic going by, but lucky for us most people are still fast asleep.

Forklift driver unloading at Thorndon

Taking pride in our gear

Kilbirnie Pak’n’ Save is our fourth stop and again we arrive early at around 5am. With an hour before the gates open and we are unloaded, now is the perfect opportunity for polishing the truck’s wheels. Taking pride in the gear is a big part of being a truck driver. The gate eventually opens and we reverse in, eight pallets are dropped here then we head to New World in Miramar. This is our last delivery before leaving Wellington and heading back towards Palmerston North. It is now 7am, the sun has risen and it’s daylight! Here we grab ourselves a coffee in the staffroom while the forklift driver unloads the last four pallets in the trailer.

On our way back, we stop at Fresh Pork NZ, Levin. Here we get fully loaded with pork legs, belly, and various other bits. The trailer is quite heavy now with each pallet weighing anywhere between 200 and 800kgs. Our trailer has the capacity to carry 24 pallets (20 tonne).

Middle of the night at Thorndon

Back to Palmy

It’s about 10.30am when we arrive back in Palmerston North, where we stop at Premier Bacon to unload the pork, which will then be carted to Premier Bacon in Carterton for processing by another truck. Once unloaded we head back to Foodstuffs. Here, we back into the loading dock ready to be reloaded for the next driver to do his deliveries. For us, it’s now time to go home and sleep!

I had an awesome time tagging along for the ride and getting a wee insight into what goes on in the world of refrigeration truck transport.

Thank you Will for having me!