Junior truck photographer Thomas shares some top tips on how to take a great truck photo

Rain, snow or sun-shine, you’ll find me out and about in all sorts of weather, snapping photos of cool rigs hauling in and around Canterbury.

Here’s a few top tips I’ve learnt for a good roadshot.

I make sure my camera is on the right setting for most of my photos. I use the sports mode as I find it suits the fast moving trucks the best.

The best thing about roadshots is you can pick your background and find some really nice spots to take your truck photos.

I also look for where the sun is and try to get the sun on the front and side of the truck. This is very important unless it’s an overcast day.

On overcast days I can shoot trucks going in both directions with an even lighting.

Timing is quite important as well, as cars and other traffic sometimes get in the way.

Timing is everything when it comes to roadshots. Here’s a few of my favourites I’ve taken over the last year…

Keep on trucking! Over and out, Thomas