We get to know the team at MultiQuip, a company that is dedicated to servicing the poultry and aggregate industries in Australia. Transport manager Lyndon Jay tells us all about it.

When was MultiQuip established and who by?

The first company in the Multiquip Group was established in 1984 by Steve and Lucy Mikosic, who owned a chicken farm at the time.

What does MultiQuip specialise in?

The Multiquip group has:

  • A large presence in the poultry industry (from picking up fertilised eggs for hatching in our own hatchery at Maldon near Picton, NSW – over two million birds per week) delivering those “day old” birds to farms throughout Australia. We then run a fleet of trucks around Australia that deliver chicken feed to those farms, and a very large fleet of trucks that go into these farms (mostly at night) to collect the fully grown birds for delivery to processing plants throughout the country.
  • A fleet of trucks that operate out of our quarry near Goulburn that deliver sand and aggregate material to concrete plants and other aggregate users around NSW.
  • A fleet of refrigerated vans operating out of chicken plants around Australia.
  • A large diesel servicing business operating throughout the country.
  • A manufacturing business in Austral, Sydney that manufactures highly specialised metal products.
  • An engineering firm that carries out specialised engineering/ machining for particular clients.

How many vehicles have you got in your fleet?

300+ prime movers, 500+ trailers, 120 heavy rigids (including truck and dogs), 120+ forklifts, 100+ light vehicles (mostly utes), 150 pieces of earth moving equipment, etc. Where does Multiquip operate? Nationally – we have approximately 16 depots around Australia.

A good-looking lineup

What other types of machinery does Multiquip use?

Automated chicken catching machines (yes – that is a thing).

And how many staff members do you have?

There are approximately 1200 employees throughout the company around Australia.

Can you tell us about the different types of trucks you have and what they are used for?

We use many HPVs (high productivity vehicles) to perform the various functions throughout the company, including 28 different PBS designs. Using PBS allows us to increase the gross mass that we can carry and operate under very specific laws and rules.

What’s the best thing about working with trucks and transport in Australia?

The diversity of our operation and the level of safety that our company demands from all employees. We train our drivers very intensely and continuously.

Multiquip’s drivers go through lots of training
The vehicles are used to perform various functions
Multiquip has 16 depots around Australia