Have you ever seen a big truck on the road and wondered what it’s like to live in one?

Life on the road can be pretty tough – long hours away from home, long stretches of road ahead, and changing weather…Did you know truck drivers often sleep in their trucks overnight and to have rests?

Luckily, there are people out there who want to make it easier for truckies, and their names are Tim and Tom from TTSC.

These two guys are experts at making a truck feel like a home away from home. They can fit all sorts of things inside a truck, from microwave to cookers, and even a shower! They can even install a special air- conditioning system called the Icepack to keep drivers cool when they’re sleeping in their truck.


Having this type of stuff inside a truck means that drivers can cook their own meals, stay cool in the hot weather, and take a shower after a long day of driving.

But that’s not all. The TTSC team has lots of other skilled people who can help make trucks even better. They can make custom racks and toolboxes, install spotlights and radios, and even take care of a truck’s hydraulic system. And if a truck needs to stay greased up and running smoothly, they’ve got that covered too with their automatic greasers.

Truck drivers also want their trucks to look good. TTSC has professional painters who can give trucks a fresh coat of paint.

The TTSC team takes pride in being a one-stop- shop for truck fit-outs, which means they can pretty much do anything a driver needs to make their truck more comfortable and efficient. Thanks Tim and Tom at TTSC for making truck life that bit easier!