The importance of vehicle maintenance

Making sure a truck is fit for the road is an important part of being a truck owner. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is an important job for truck drivers and truck owners, and trucks are regularly put through inspections to make sure they are safe.

Keeping drivers and other people on the road safe is an important part of owning any vehicle - including heavy vehicles like trucks. Keeping a truck in good condition reduces the likelihood of accidents and keeps drivers safe. Safety inspections on trucks are carried out regularly and can include checks of:

• Airbags
• Tyres and wheel alignments
• Seatbelts
• Trailers
• Windscreens
• Headlights
• Brakes
• Fuel tanks
• Battery
• Exhaust
• Suspension
• Indicators


Winter safety

Truck drivers need to be careful on the roads all time of year. But the winter season brings rain, hail, snow, ice and slippery roads. Truck drivers are experts when it comes to safety, and it is necessary to adapt how they operate their truck when driving in poor weather conditions, especially on snow-covered or icy roads.

Black ice is a thin layer of transparent ice that forms when the temperature is close to freezing. Truck drivers look for ice build up on their windshield, and slow down when approaching shaded areas, bridges and overpasses as these sections of road freeze sooner than others in cold weather.


Professional truck drivers plan their journey. They will check traffic updates and weather forecasts, and think about what route is best to take to ensure they get to their destination safely. If the weather is bad, truck drivers will allow for extra time and drive in daylight hours when visibility is better and ice is less likely to be on the road.

Truck drivers will drop their speed to match road conditions. No matter how much experience a truck driver may have, the way their truck will move on snow or ice can be unpredictable.


Truck drivers will dress for the conditions, so if it’s cold they will wear and bring with them warm clothes and appropriate footwear. They’ll also have a survival kit in the truck in case they get stuck.

Safety tips for our road users

It’s not just those behind the wheel of a truck that need to think about safety while using the road. Whether you’re out for a walk, on a bike, or driving a car, there’s lots of things to think about!


Walk on sidewalks, watch out for blind spots, and keep alert at all times! Don’t be distracted by electronic devices and make eye contact with drivers. And make sure you watch for trucks entering, exiting or backing up in parking lots and at job sites.


It takes truck drivers much more time to stop than you - so keep a safe distance. They have bigger blind spots, so pass on the right side, at a safe, steady speed, and make sure you’re well beyond the truck before getting back over.


Look out for trucks turning left from beside or behind you. Don’t stop too close to the front of a stopped truck. Never cycle up the left side of a truck stopped at a junction.

Keeping safe on the road

There are a lot of things to consider when driving in any vehicle, and trucks are no different! Rugged landscapes and changing weather can catch out the most experienced drivers. But driv- ing a truck can be fun and stress free if the driver has done their homework, understands the road rules and takes care on the road.

These days, trucks are equipped with lots of features and equipment that help truck drivers stay safe. Here, we take a look at a few of the things truck drivers need to consider when hitting the road.

Safety check!

• When you’re leaving
Wear your seatbelt, check surroundings (blind spots and when reversing out), drive slowly.

• When you’re driving
Gap check, passing lane, speed limits, road hazards.

• When you’re arriving
Slow down, safe reversing and spotting, check blind spots.

• And remember…
Take breaks and drink plenty of water!