Dustin’s had a pretty busy couple of months checking out some awesome truck shows – from the bottom of the South Island in New Zealand all the way over to Aussie!

I was lucky enough to go down south to Wanaka, for the Wheels at Wanaka Vintage Car, Truck and Tractor Show. It was so cool – there was so much old and new gear there, a little bit of everything for everyone, like tractors, trucks, cars, motorbikes and earthmoving machinery – if it had tracks or wheels it was there!

The thing I was most looking forward to seeing was the Dynes K220, which is a new model for Kenworth. The thing I liked most about it was the paint and the detail, which made it look really flash.

When the trucks went around the big ring, all the trucks were tooting their horns for the kids. I was also lucky enough to go for a lap in a V8 Mack Super-Liner. There was also a great big Caterpillar dump truck there, it has a payload of 177 tonnes, which is the same as 29 elephants – holy hecka.

The next Wheels at Wanaka is in 2024, you should go check it out!

I also jetted off to Australia for the Brisbane Truck Show, which was so different because they only had new gear there. We went on a Wednesday and we were walking around and got to see a sneak peak of some trucks going into the show. We even got to talk to some drivers, which was cool. When I first walked in there was a brand new Mack sitting there with a nice black bullbar. As we stood there looking at it we thought about what it might spend its life doing – carting stock, grain, food, fuel or even dump trucks for the mines in the outback. There was so much to see, we even saw the Little Trucker stand and had a great talk with the team, it was great to see them. My favorite truck was the Lawrence Transport Kenworth Legend SAR. It definitely left me thinking I want to go drive over there when I am older. How about you Little Truckers? Stay safe and keep having fun out there.