We talk to our mate John Saint of transport dealership J.T.Fossey in Tamworth, NSW. John, who joined the company in heavy truck sales and is now its dealer principal, recently led the charge of a project that saw the creation of a new line of limited edition ‘Outlaw Series’ Mack Super-Liners, which have been custom-made with new colours and more accessories.

J.T.Fossey currently employs 28 people ranging from spare parts interpreters, store people, technicians and customer consultants. John’s main role is selling Volvo, Mack, UD and Fuso truck brands.

“Over the years I would have sold over 3500 trucks!” John says.

John says his idea behind the new Outlaw trucks was that he wanted to build a truck that was special, one no one else had done.

The idea was to take a top-of-the-line specced Mack Super-Liner and get some help from the best in the business to customise it.

John’s original plan was to build five Mack Outlaw Super-Liners. All five would be specced-up the same, with the same luxuries and personalised Outlaw branding. The only difference was they would be different colours.

The first truck, Outlaw 1 is red, Outlaw 2 is black, Outlaw 3 is blue, and Outlaw 4 is green. The colour of Outlaw 5 is top secret until it’s finished being built.

John says now there may be a total of 10 Outlaws created.

The trucks have had interior makeovers, including custom shelving with extras like a fridge, microwave, TV and DVD player. John says he gets a total thrill when he sees the trucks out and about.

“I’m so extremely proud of the trucks when they hit the road. It’s been a really amazing experience seeing them come to life.”