One year into the job, we get to know Michael Baylis over at Kennedy Trailers who tells us all about being an apprentice boilermaker.

Michael’s job as a boilermaker is to weld steel together to make trailers. He works off a drawing that shows him which pieces need to go together. It’s kind of like a big jigsaw puzzle.

Welding is a very fine art, it takes lots of practice, patience and precision to get your welds nice and straight and strong. If you leave the welder in one spot for too long, it burns a hole straight through – but if you don’t leave it long enough, the trailer will not be strong enough! So it’s safe to say that the welder has a lot of responsibility and needs to be concentrating at all times.

When a welder gets the perfect weld, it is a great achievement.

Little Trucker: How long have you been on the job?

Michael: I started my apprenticeship 2.5 years ago and have been at Kennedy Trailers for just over a year.

Little Trucker: What are some of your main responsibilities?

Michael: One of my main responsibilities is fabricating cabguards.

Little Trucker: What kind of training did you do for your job?

Michael: I’ve been attending trade school and they provide my training as well as learning on the job.

Little Trucker: What is your favourite thing about your job?

Michael: I most enjoy fabricating and getting to learn new skills and put them to use.

Little Trucker: And what is your favourite type of truck?

Michael: I find heavy-haulage trucks pretty interesting!

Little Trucker: What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Michael: Outside of work I spend my time fishing, 4WD, or camping. I also like country music.