Our Aussie mate Mike gives us a first-hand look of what he sees from behind the wheel.

I’ve driven some of the biggest and coolest trucks in Australia. From east to west and north to south, I reckon I’ve seen most of my great country in the wind- screen from the driver’s seat. Nothing like picking a rest area and watching the sun go down while munching on a sandwich and having a soft drink or flying down the highway with the roar of that big diesel and a great song on the radio.

I’ve always loved trucks. So I thought I’d go through and find some pictures of things I’ve seen from the driver’s seat. I picked three trucks I’ve driven, and some shots are of the trucks and others are from the dash camera as we rolled down the road.

I came over to New Zealand and went to the TMC show in Christchurch a while back. I was lucky enough to meet Mr Ed Solly. He introduced me to a really cool old W model KW called “Rocky”. I even got to have a drive in New Zealand! You’ve just got to love where trucking can take you.